A company with a few years of life, but the result of more than 30 years of work based on effort, honesty, service and quality. And it is on these four values ​​that we continue to work day by day to keep growing.

Effort, an indispensable tool to continue working and to offer our clients the best in each step of the project. A joyness that we keep intact from the first day. Without that tools we would end up being just another promoter.

Dear friends and costumers, welcome to Yuzu HomesCEO

Honesty, a fundamental and indispensable value in any relationship. This is the bond that arises between our customers and Yuzu Homes during the process of buying a home, one of a strong relationship. A warm and friendly treatment, but above all honest and sincere, without half-truths or lies, a transparent process that will make it an unforgettable experience with guarantees.

At Yuzu Homes, we do not understand that all this is possible without a clear vocation of service. Our service and full dedication to our clients to offer them the best of ourselves in each step.

At last there is quality, but for that reason not less important for us, on the contrary the best quality is our main objective. Implementing quality at every step we make is what will ensure that the final result is up to our demands.

The combination of these four values ​​is the reason of being for Yuzu Homes. We know that it is not an easy decision, but if you put your trust in us to make your dreams come true we will give our best each of us to guarantee a final result that lives up to your expectations. For Yuzu Homes your satisfaction is our pride.
Pedro E. Garcia Managing director, Yuzu Homes S.L