Cabo Roig spanish coast

Cabo Roig spanish coast

Cabo Roig spanish coast
Great weather, beaches and shopping

Cabo Roig spanish coast
we want to explain what the Cabo Roig area is like, including La Zenia, Playa Flamenca, Punta Prima, Campoamor, Mil Palmeras and Torre de la Horadada.

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Stunning views

Pleasant combination of colors. Descending along the reddish slope of the cliff, the toasted sand waits at the end of the road as if it were a prize, bathed by the blue water of a calm Mediterranean.

The green bursts with the wild vegetation in the places where the orography minimally allows it, even among the sand of the beach itself. All wrapped up by the special luminosity of the Alicante coast, with its practically perennial warm rays of the sun and its clear and clear sky.

The semicircular natural bay has been completed with a small breakwater, the small marina of Cabo Roig, the historic watchtower and the limits of the villas built up to the edge of the cliff. The beach is medium in size: 337 meters long and 43 meters wide.

Cabo Roig spanish coast



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Cabo Roig spanish coast , dont miss it!

The Cabo Roig beach faces south and it should be noted that in summer, in the afternoon the cliff causes shade on the sand from practically 7 pm. Therefore, the temperature softens more quickly than in other beaches. I like it, but if you want to sunbathe you have to take into account that from that time the sun will be in just a few places on the beach.   The beach Cabo Roig has in summer all the services: lifeguard, medical attention, rent of umbrellas and sunbeds, "scooters" to "navigate", daily cleaning of the sand, ...   It also has a chiringuito open from the morning until almost midnight. It's tiny, but it has 10 little tables to sit on while you drink something. It has music, but it is only heard from the beach on Sundays in the afternoon, when they perform dance sessions from 6 in the afternoon, and then in the evening they complete a show on the sand.

  They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. I recommend having breakfast a day soon at the chiringuito. They have full breakfasts, with toast, juice, as well as continental breakfast with eggs and bacon.

  The Cabo Roig beach bar serves varied tapas, pizzas, hamburgers, sandwiches and some mixed dishes. You can also access from the sand to a restaurant that is on the side of the beach, and from there to the marina, where there is another restaurant. In these restaurants the menu is more complete, although they are not located on the beach sand.

  Cabo Roig beach is very safe for bathers and very sheltered from the winds. It is common for pretty boats to anchor in the bay, for something it will be ..., as the beach is marked out, the spaces that separate the entrance to the sea from jet skis and skates from the bathers area are respected, and the maximum point is also marked to which the boats can approach the beach.   Although many people come to this beach in July and August, it is noteworthy that, like the rest of the beaches in the area, there are no crowds on the beaches, and you can "find a good place" at any time you approach. the beach without having other bathers within a hand of your towel, most likely on the first or second line.

  In other months, tranquility is absolute in these beaches: few people, no commercial premises, ...   There is also no problem to park next to the beach accesses. As practically all Cabo Roig is urbanized with large and beautiful chalets, there are many places to park in the streets that are next to the accesses. It does not matter if it is August or the time you go to the beach that you can park well.

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