our clients have spoken,
we proud of our customer service

Customer experience villa

Children don´t lie, we want to thanks this family their time with us, and we appreciate their selfless collaboration as well as the generous words they dedicate to us. Thank you.

Our customers have spoken

Customer experience villa

We continue to work daily with the aim of getting our clients to live the experience of buying a villa on the Mediterranean coast, we want to continue to appreciate their selfless collaboration as well as the generous words they dedicate to us. Thank you.

Our customers have spoken

Customers experience villa

In our continuous effort to improve our services, as well as the quality and transparency of our sales and after-sales processes, we wanted to know about our new clients after 1 week living in the house.

Our customers have spoken

Villamargolf customer experience

Trust is the base of our relationship with customers and we wanted to know about after 2 years of acquiring the house.

What they think about us ?


Emotional Customer Care

Customer Experience focuses on the generation of emotional links between customers or consumers and YUZUHOMES.

In YUZU we develop an easy, practical and engaging process to build or buy your own villa in Spanish Mediterranean coast.

How we care our customers?

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    The project is supervised by the College of Architects of the province.
    Permissions of work are requested to the corresponding town hall.

  • 02

    The Structure is designed and calculated by the Technical and Faculty Team, in which they will apply the Technical Building Code (CTE) and the specifications of the EHE (Structural Concrete Structures) instruction.

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    The design of the house seeks optimal efficiency and low energy consumption, being thus responsible with the environment and with the comfort of living in the house.

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    And of course to get the best results it is necessary to work with the best materials and suppliers, in YUZU HOMES we work with the best brands.


These are our main suppliers. Brands of international prestige with many years of experience in the sector and with a range of products for all needs


Home Appliances

electronics and electrical engineering, are the specialties that Siemens has been developing for more than 150 years.

porcelanosa grupo

Floors and Coatings

is one of the most important manufacturers in the world of ceramics, kitchen furniture and elements for the bathroom

technal aislamientos doors and windows

Doors and Windows

Technal, the aluminum carpentry of contemporary architecture


within the Porcelanosa Group we also collaborate with some of their brands