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We know that using the best materials as well as the most prestigious suppliers, we get high quality homes and benefits. Our Quality Property Builder certification encompasses a series of European standards and requirements to which we adhere to ensure you the best home to live



Quality Property Builder

In order to build the best experience for our customers we have embraced the QPB (Quality Property Builder) agreement that includes a series of standards, safety measures and use of materials. to identify and guarantee the highest final quality of our homes.

How we do it?

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    The project is supervised by the College of Architects of the province.
    Permissions of work are requested to the corresponding town hall.

  • 02

    The Structure is designed and calculated by the Technical and Faculty Team, in which they will apply the Technical Building Code (CTE) and the specifications of the EHE (Structural Concrete Structures) instruction.

  • 03

    The design of the house seeks optimal efficiency and low energy consumption, being thus responsible with the environment and with the comfort of living in the house.

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    And of course to get the best results it is necessary to work with the best materials and suppliers, in YUZU HOMES we work with the best brands.


Located in a privileged environment, Villas EntreLagos is a residential complex of 10 completely independent villas, with unbeatable qualities.

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